Nongkrem dance (Pomblang nongkrem) :- The Pomblang Nongkrem popularly known as the Nongkrem Dance is one of the most important festivals of the Khasis. It is five day religious festival held annually at Smit about 11 Km from Shillong, the Headquarters of the Chief (Syiem) of Khyrim. This festival is celebrated as a thanksgiving to the God Almighty for the good harvest and to pray for peace and prosperity.


SHAD SUK MYNSIEM:- One of the most important festivals of the Khasis is ‘Ka Shad Suk Mynsiem’ (Dance of the joyful heart). It is a thanksgiving dance. . In Shillong it is held sometime in the month of April every year. The festival last for 3 (three) days.


Beh deInkhlam:- This is the most important festival of the Jaintias and is celebrated after the sowing is over. “Khlam” means ‘Plague or Pestilence’ and “Beh Dein” means to drive away with sticks. It is a very popular and colourful festival of the Jaintias where men only, young and old, take part in the dancing to the tune of drums and flutes. Women do not take part in the dancing, but had an important role to play at home in offering sacrificial food to the spirits of the ancestors. This festival is also an invocation to God, seeking His blessing for good harvest.


WANGALA DANCE:- This is the biggest of all festival of the Garos. It is usually held in October but each village sets its own time for the celebration. After the harvest, the Wangala Dance, the annual dance of joy and thanksgiving commences. The occasion is initiated right in the field itself by a simple but impressive ceremony known as ‘Rugalal’, which is followed by the ceremony of incense known as ‘Sasat Soa’. This is performed inside the house of the Chief of the village.